The day I left (part one)


It felt airy and strange this new feeling I had I didn’t know it even existed. I was meant to be at work this particular day, however I broke down in tears. I gave in my 1 weeks notice and left for the day to come ‘home’ and pack my bags for good.

It finally happened. I knew this time I was leaving for good it was a Friday not good Friday, Easter was close though and boy if I only I knew what a good Friday it really was.

My bags were half packed, I had just gotten my hair done (knew it would be the last time from this place… So took my opportunity) from the place on the corner three buildings down from ”our” house. I had begged and pled my case to try and stay for three days…he wasn’t giving in as easily this time. I started to pack up all of my things.

I had managed to fit most of it in my car. I went back inside grabbed his laptop and my wallet.

1) I booked a ticket to Melbourne for the next week

2) I left it on the booking page so he would find it (trying to hurt him I think it did end up working )

3) I grabbed my phone took pictures of my car and put it up for sale

4) I posted a picture of my flight and destination on good old social media ( just to rub it in )

All the emotions were running hot, they were blazing red, then they ran warm, the blue started to pour then they were clear just started to tear.

I started my car snd drove for a while, I was waiting to hear from a ‘friend’ I was hoping to stay with. Last I had heard she asked me to find somewhere else’s for a few days (her bf was back in town fresh that day ) <—– 🖕.

I messaged her in a desperate state… Waited for my phone to make a noise while having my 20th cigarette for the day (felt like I was up to 20). I thought about the people I had surrounded myself with. What is a good friend? What is a good boyfriend? What is wrong with me? Why have I attracted such negativity ? (shits about to get real soon (next few months). My thinking surrounding these questions was soon to be even more relevant… But back to part one.

She said I could come and stay. I was angry but I had bigger things to worry about. A broken heart, a lost soul, where I was go live in Melbourne, a new job, selling my car… O M G. This was just the beginning of my beatiful adventure.

The rest of my doom day/good Friday will continue in .. The day I left part two.